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Founder of Ikou


Entrepreneur at 18, she wanted to create a company in her image. Ikou is much more than a sign, it is a way of working, a team dynamic, a state of mind and values.

Self-taught, it is thanks to the professional meetings that it was formed on the technical level. Truly touching everything, it makes a point of honor to value each collaboration with the providers.

Through its family roots, trust, proximity, responsibility and innovation are the entrepreneurial values ​​in which it believes and which advance. It is for this reason that they form the founding pillars of the agency. Ikou has always been able to adapt to the vision of its customers, their needs and their desires, without forgetting its values. For 12 years, our clients have entrusted us with challenges that we have always responded with ambition and passion.


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The royal eagle that sleeps in it brings you to the top. His attentive ear and a sharp look allow him to take you under his wing to make your event unique.
CEO, founder, coach

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Collaborating ideas

Mise en place d’idées collaboratives entre les divers partenaires.

Creative Thinking

Intervient sur les projets créatifs de l’agence et les propositions client.

Decision Making

Intervention dans les décisions finales de l’entreprise.


Coaching des clients et élaboration des plans d’actions.

Business Management

Gestion des aspects financiers et administratifs de l’agence.

Team Work

Les échanges au sein de la #TeamIkou sont un moteur.

CEO, founder, coach
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Maeva brings you its expertise in event management and organization. It detects your needs at the turn of a conversation.

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