Our job is to connect to people,
to interact with them in a way that leaves them better
than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.

Seth Godin

Ikou Events Coach

Why coaching?

Because in the practice of sport as in life, our main opponent is in us. A coach is a partner who will highlight your actions to realize your vision and desires. This practice relies on personal questioning to understand your needs, set your goals and bring you to success.

Our work process is structured as follows: meet and understand your expectations, propose solutions and advice you on the measures to adopt. Then together we debate and choose the most appropriate idea. Coaching is a long-term job, where we become a member of your team, understand your values ​​and your needs. A groundwork then helps us to help you overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals.

The difference lies in the guarantee of an accompaniment stimulated by your ideas accompanied by our 12 years of experience. Let’s make your imagination and our know-how a complementary duo, form a team!

Our values

set-up, follow-up, inédit, green, écologie, relationship


The unexpected is within your reach

The realization of a surprising event makes you want it? Look great by offering a WOW effect to your dguests. We bring you the necessary tools, our coaching and the technology to realize your objectives.

set-up, follow-up, inédit, green, écologie, relationship


Relationship & friendship

Building a relationship of trust with you is paramount. Knowing who you have to deal with and how skilled they are is a concern that you are faced with regularly. We make sure we’re transparent all the time.

set-up, follow-up, inédit, green, écologie, relationship


Set up & follow-up

We are committed to providing a clear tracking of your project, because establishing a dialogue and feeling listened to is part of your expectations. A transparency at all times, accompanied by constant communication, is guaranteed by our human-sized agency.

set-up, follow-up, inédit, green, écologie, relationship


Be Green

We wish to support our clients in the realization of their project while being attentive to the ecological reality of our society. Our responsibility is both ethical and environmental by combining reactivity, precision, transparency and concrete ecological actions.

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Each individual has the necessary qualities to reveal the challenges he faces. The personal coach does not direct you, he guides you to put forward your talents and place them at the service of your own success.


During the coaching process, we accompany you at every step. The personal coach Ikou is a success catalyst that seeks to highlight your visible and invisible skills.


Our coaching method is goal oriented. Through listening, motivation and our questions, we allow you to find your own answers and set your goals.


Become aware of your talents and your unique qualities and put them into practice on a daily basis. Be the architect of your project’s success, learn how to use your abilities to the fullest and realize what you can do!

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